Sunday, January 23, 2011

Joists Solutions Desired.

OK, here is the problem.
What I have is the second floor joists span front to aft a distance of 24ft, being supported about the middle, the joists are 2x10 roughly 16" OC. Some of these joists are spliced with an overlap of about 4-5 ft being centered about 2-5 ft from the exterior wall. As shown.

Additionally I have a spot where there is a case of odd framing best shown. What you are looking at is the second floor joists and the strange 'header'.

And the last location is very much like the second.

Now that you have an idea of the problem areas, what I am needing is a solution here. The best world would be some old official manual that shows framing repair options. If you know of any technical data that shows what is permissible in terms of old framing system repairs I'd appreciate it.


  1. I've seen the splices. Our 1950? house was built with three ceiling joists sistered together in the living room (and consequently there was a sag). Guess they didn't want to spend the money for three more proper length joists *sigh*

    The third image looks like it used to be for a chimney? Really strange otherwise, as is the second. A house I helped with once had floor joists for the second floor spanning way too far (they might have even been 2x4s); was like a trampoline in the upstairs bedroom. We just added a couple of 2x10s in the living room below and cased them to finish. That doesn't really answer your question though as far as an old manual . . .

  2. Paul,
    I am not sure how to approach this one as there is really NO bounce or sag in the floor and simply need to find a way to satisfy the inspector. Maybe some-type of cooperate sponsorship for the lumber??