Monday, February 20, 2012

CASE 1816c Skidloader for sale $6500

History and specs:

The Case 1816 was manufactured from 1973-1985, the 1816c started manufacture in 1981.

The Case 1816 is a fully hydraulic skid loader; it was designed with an 8 gpm fixed displacement system pump with a relief pressure of 1150 psi, the drive system is separated into two halves (RH & LH) each having a dedicated hydrostatic pump and motor. Each drive system motor is connected via chain drive to both wheels of the respective side. The hydrostatic drive system provides infinite variable speed from 0-4.8 mph in forward and reverse. The lift arms and bucket tilt each have two hydraulic cylinders controlled via an open center valve. On an open center system hydraulic fluid passes through the pump to the valve and returns to the hydraulic reservoir. When commanded the hydraulic fluid is diverted to the respective cylinder, the system pressure relief ensures that the cylinders are not over loaded. The bucket design operating load is 800lbs.

The Case 1816c is equipped with an Onan B43M (16 hp) gas engine and 20 amp, 12vdc electrical system. It is equipped with 5.9x15 tires. The rims are offset and reversible to provide the option of dual width profiles (35” and 42”). The machine weighs approximately 1900 lbs.

I have personally used this loader through the last couple of years for personal projects including backfill, cleanout, and landscaping. It is a well designed machine. I had a few leaky lines and when the starter died it made a good time for a rebuild. I am a licensed aircraft mechanic with more than 12 year experience with structures and hydraulics. As you will see the job was done right. After rebuild I have run the machine for 5 hours. There are ZERO leaks. Here is a summery of the rebuild.

If you desire, I have a manufacture brochure covering specs, dimensions and options on pdf I can send you. I also have the service manual which is included in the sale.

The Body:

Disassembled, cleaned, primed, painted.
ROPS cleaned and repainted.
Brand New wheel rims.
New hardware.
New Decals (with a couple exceptions that were not locatable)
Teflon washers installed into control system for smoother control arm movements.
Replaced Grease Zerks
Replaced seat belt
Tires are worn but serviceable with 50% or greater tread remaining.
The bucket is rough but serviceable. A prior owner cut the bucket and welded extensions to bring bucket width to about 50” (will double check dimension).

The Engine:

Inspected and serviced
New Oil Filter
New starter
Mufflers are ugly but serviceable.
Replaced broken control arm spring


Completely rewired
New Voltage regulator
New starter switch
New Battery
Aux lights added (2 front, 1 rear)
Installed hours meter

Hydraulic System:

Completely rebuilt the entire hydraulic system.
New Lift Cylinders
New Tilt Cylinders
Upgrade Tilt Cylinders from 2” to 2.5”
Upgrade diameter of Lift Cylinder rod
All new hydraulic hoses and clamps
Rebuilt LH & RH Hydrostatic Pumps
Rebuilt LH & RH Drive Motors
Rebuilt system pump
Rebuilt select valve
Replaced damaged filter mounting block
Replaced filter suction gauge
Flushed tanks, new fluids, new filter
Upgraded dipstick breather cap to a Donaldson Filtered breather cap/dipstick.

. . .