Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hardwood flooring.

I am really only posting this pict because I am hoping to remove the existing Oak Solid Hardwood flooring and sell as salvaged flooring. It is very usable and would be a great addition when refinished. Here the pict shows flooring that I have picted up over time sitting on top of the existing flooring. I think that the flooring was installed in the 20-40's when the house was refinished after the fire. I would like to get about $1/sf and there are 320-360sf.

Alright, I got a couple extra picts here to post. First is general grain from top, note there is some scratching etc, but clearly can be sanded out on install. Second is side view showing minimal cupping. I will note that this particular sample pc was taken out of a section which had moisture damage on subflooring, but there are others with more cupping than this. I would call it minor to moderate, easily sanded out with drum sander but would take a little longer with orbital style. Last is showing the nails used. I think that these were hand driven as the 'blow out' section indicates a slower drive than any pneumatic tool would leave. This adds to my theories of dating for remodel in the 20-40's.

Here is the pict of floor as installed, note that there is a little bit of cupping. I call it character.

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