Monday, March 8, 2010

The rot and bug damage

I thought that you might be interested in seeing the damage located on the lower 12" or so of the studs that were next to the ground. (There is a reason why codes require 6" min seperation from the dirt to wood).

Also here you can see that I have removed all the damaged studs and am re-framing the sections. The door and windows are framed in. I have sheathing installed on the inside of the framing to provide stabilization and security, After all the framing repairs are completed on the exterior shell than I will get an OK from the city inspector and install new sheathing and siding. These repairs include obviously the rot and insect damage, also re-framing windows for egress compliance in the bedrooms, and replacing a few stud that have splits, warping, or charring from the fire damage.

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